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If you’re looking for tried and tested resilient flooring solutions that hold up to high traffic while being easy to maintain, St. Paul Lino has a resilient flooring option for you. Whether it’s our vinyl composition tile, seamless  vinyl flooring, or resilient rubber flooring for high-traffic commercial spaces, we’ve got you covered.  With over a generation of resilient flooring installation services, St. Paul Lino is uniquely suited to deliver a practical, luxury look for your commercial floors that stand up to wear and tear.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles
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Price: $$
Uses: Lobbies, dental clinics, retail shops, multifamily housing
Details: Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) sales have become the fastest-growing segment of resilient flooring. Since its recent introduction into the commercial resilient flooring marketplace, its year-over-year growth has been staggering. It is durable yet affordable, incorporating stylish design, along with low maintenance and ease of installation features which make it a highly desirable product.
Options: Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures.
Appearance: Presents a high-end, polished aesthetic. Can also replicate other high-end flooring materials such as wood, stone, ceramic, and marble.
Durability: With a wear layer of up to 30 mm, luxury vinyl can withstand even the most heavily trafficked areas.
Vinyl Composition Tiles
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Price: $
Uses: Schools, supermarkets, back-of-house spaces
Details: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is another popular choice in commercial-grade flooring. Made from fused chips of natural limestone, color pigments, and other filler material, VCT can ensure lasting beauty in high-traffic areas.
Options: Typically sold in 12” x 12” square tiles, VCT comes in a variety of colors. St Paul Lino often uses these colors to create custom patterns and designs.
Appearance: Great at hiding scuffs, scratches, and soil. With routine polishing, your floors will continue to present a smooth, shiny finish all year round.
Durability: Considering they don’t wear out, vinyl composition tiles are one of the most durable resilient flooring options on the market.
Pop-Up-Prod_Vinyl-Composition 2
Sheet Vinyl
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Price: $$$
Uses: Hospitals, breakrooms, labs, assisted living facilities
Details: Sheet vinyl is incredibly easy to keep clean and provides a comforting and sterile environment.
Options: Sheet vinyl can come in either a full roll or be cut to a specific length, depending on your square footage and needs.
Appearance: Hospitals and others in the healthcare design space have creatively incorporated sheet vinyl patterning and imaging into the patient care and healing process. The visual appearance and flexibility of sheet vinyl make it a highly specified product.
Durability: Sheet vinyl flooring is extremely durable, thanks in large part to its scuff, scratch, and stain resistance.
Rubber Flooring
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Price: $$$
Uses: Clinics, libraries, schools, hospitals, airports, warehouses
Details: Naturally slip-resistant and shock-absorbant, rubber flooring is universally praised for its acoustical benefits, safety, efficiency, and practical beauty. At St. Paul Lino, we use rubber flooring that is PVC-free and often made from recycled materials.
Options: Rubber flooring is available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures.
Appearance: Rubber flooring is a great way to bring color and vibrance to life's more practical spaces.
Durability: Rubber flooring is easy to maintain and will last for decades under even the most rigorous use.
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Price: $$$
Uses: Offices, retail shops, hospitals, schools
Details: Linoleum—or lino for short—is one of the oldest and most trusted types of resilient flooring on the market. Made from all-natural materials such as linseed oil, jute, and cork powders, linoleum is a great choice for environmentally conscious businesses.
Options: Linoleum is manufactured in tiles or sheet rolls. It has an enormous variety of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from.
Appearance: The color consistency extends from the top of the wear surface to the bottom, meaning it can wear down without any fading or discoloration.
Durability: There's a good reason many manufacturers back their linoleum products with material warranties of 25 years or more. They simply do not wear out.
Static Control Flooring
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Price: $$$
Uses: Laboratories, data centers, manufacturing facilities
Details: Static dissipative flooring is made with resilient, anti-static layers (copper grounding strips, conductive adhesive, floor material, etc.) which reduces the risk of static discharges that can be harmful to employees and devastating to costly electronic equipment.
Options: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring options include vinyl tiles, rubber flooring, epoxy, and static dissipative carpet tiles.
Appearance: The appearance of your static control flooring will depend on your choice of material, with the look typically being indistinguishable from non-ESD versions.
Durability: Static control flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment loads. Electrostatic-resistant properties are designed to be effective for 10+ years.
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