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In spaces where hygiene and cleanability are critical, our interior cladding systems provide a continuous, smooth, water- and stain-resistant surface devoid of gaps or grout. 

This type of commercial wall cladding makes a perfect interior siding option for hospital operating rooms, laboratories, commercial kitchens and more. 

When a sanitary commercial space is priority, you don’t have to choose between functionality & style. St. Paul Lino has solutions, like altro whiterock cladding, to suit your specific needs.

St. Paul Lino’s Interior Wall Cladding Solutions

High-Impact, Heat-Formable Interior Wall Cladding
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Price: $$$
Uses: Hospital operating rooms, corridors, labs, clean rooms, and commercial kitchens
Details: Our heat-formable wall cladding is made from food-safe PVCu polymer and can withstand temperatures of up to 140°F. This waterproof, grout-free, and impact-resistant surface is super easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for sterile environments.
Options: Our wall cladding is available in a wide range of colors and textures. Wall cladding can be combined with our slip-resistant rubber flooring for a complete and hygienic system.
Appearance: Presents a continuously smooth, gap-free appearance that can be bent and formed around corners, pipes, and other wall extrusions.
Durability: Cladding is designed to provide an unmatched level of wall protection and durability, significantly reducing maintenance costs typically associated with routine wall repair.
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We partner with all major wall cladding manufacturers to make sure we have the perfect interior siding options to fit your specific performance, design, and budgetary needs.

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